Clematis in the back (a family favorite) and some annuals to fill the void until the pumpkins come in.

Raised Garden Bed | A Soil Solution

The picture above is what happened when I decided to tear down an old bunny hutch, recycle the wood and erect a raised garden bed in its place. For $40 in new materials and four hours of labor, I was able to take advantage of everything the bunny “recycled,” by building the raised bed right over […]

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Quick Herbs From Seed

Culinary herbs are the workhorse of your home garden. Grown for their versatility, herbs are used for more than flavoring food. The medicinal properties of oregano, for example, can help fight the common cold, and thyme is a lung booster. Rosemary is a well-known insect repellent and mint is an excellent rodenticide (mice HATE the smell of mint). […]


Philanthropy of Dirt | A Different Shade of Green

What if we grew food instead of grass? Every community is a local food economy waiting to come to life. Gina, of P.E.A.C.E. It’s a question I first considered after reading it on this website created by Gina, of PEACE (People Excited About Co-Existence). What if we converted our lawns to gardens and grew food instead of grass? […]