New Year’s Mad Gabs

New Year’s Mad Gabs. Around the holidays, these silly word games continue to trend on my blog. I get new email every day from readers asking me to publish them again. People really seem to enjoy solving them. So click the link for 10 New Year’s Mad Gab puzzles – Enjoy! And remember: Bees save this […]

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Real-Life Forrest Gump Walked 34,000 Miles Spreading a Simple Message – Love Life

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
14 years ago, Steve Fugate took it upon himself to walk across America, as therapy after losing his son. Through his extraordinary journey, he hoped to spread just one simple message – ‘Love Life’. It’s estimated 67-year-old Steve has walked over 34,000 kilometers since he first set out on his…

Supernova Boost Adidas

Gear Review: Adidas SuperNova Boost Glide 6

As a new runner, I have made some stupid mistakes. Haven’t we all!? Thankfully, I’ve survived them, mostly unscathed. I’ve run into poles, stumbled off curbs, and tripped over my own two feet. I have over trained, under hydrated, and never stretched. During races, I’ve gone out too fast with no race plan, wearing all the wrong gear (cotton, […]


Independence Day Virtual 5k Run Walk | Relay For Life

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the grocery store reaching for the peanut butter, or you’re at that looong stoplight waiting for green and POW! out of nowhere, you get an idea that wakes you up! The light turns green and POOF! the idea vaporizes into thin air. Gone forever. Yeah, that. UGH! Not this time. […]